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Vladimir Salnikov



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Large expressionist style painting black, red, gray, mixed media on cotton gauze/board by well know Russian artist. Vladimir Salnikov was born in 1948 in Chita, he graduated from the faculty of Arts and Technical Design of Printed Materials of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (today the Moscow State University of Printing Arts) in 1971. He was an illustrator in Muscovite publishing houses in 1971–1988, taught drawing, painting and composition at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1972–1982, gave lectures at the School of Contemporary Art of the Russian State Humanitarian University (RGGU) in 1997–2000. His artworks were first exhibited in 1968. His first solo exhibition took place in 1980 at the Office of the Literaturnoe Obozreniye magazine. Then followed such shows as The Gullible Husband, The Niece of Hitler’s Artist, The Salvation of Spaces. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents an extensive exhibition The Salvation of Spaces consecrated to the art of Vladimir Salnikov (June, 10th 1948 — July, 24th 2015), well-known Russian painter, video artist and art theorist, and curated by Irina Gorlova and Leonid Bazhanov. The project’s title refers to Vladimir Salnikov’s eponymous show that was realized by TV Gallery at the Centre of Contemporary Art at Yakimanka Street in 1995-2000. The artist invented his own television ‘faith’ and took the role of a ‘preacher’ addressing his ‘congregation’, that is the gallery visitors. His interaction with public went on as a dialogue established by means of a live television broadcast, as well as lectures conjuring the image of a hypnosis session. The project manifested the therapeutic nature of the artist’s personality, his ability to communicate: many beginning artists, critics and curators tended to perceive Salnikov as a guru. This experience with video and television media is not only one of the first interactive media installations in Russia but also one of the best-known Salnikov’s works. The Salvation of Spaces at the MMOMA spans the period of his 35-year artistic career and includes over 200 paintings, drawings, prints and videos. The display has a 4-part structure and follows not the traditional lines of a retrospective show but a specific installation principle, being organized by typologies and purposes of the artist. The Genesis of Drawing section (1970s-1980s) shows the artist’s numerous experiments with techniques and introduces Salnikov as not only a portraitist and video artist but also a brilliant master draughtsman. After 1980s the artist developed different themes and went on experimenting with art media. The Artist and his Model section (1980s-2000s) deals with the theme of corporality in his art and, besides the project of the same title, he made in collaboration with the writer Olga Kovalik, includes such series as The Hundred Images of Woman, The Artist and the Critic, The Holly Wood and The 10 000 of Left Female Ears cycle he worked on for several years. The Space of a Painting section presents Salnikov’s art from the 2000s, as well as his so-to-say ‘surrealistic’ experiments on the motifs from the 20th-century Russian history and culture. Among them, special mention should be made of a work entitled The Black Stockings to the Black Square (1988), which is peculiar in seeking to distance itself from the avant-garde heritage. The fourth section of The Salvation of Spaces show deals with the problem of interaction between an artist and his viewers, an author and critics. It is based on the very titular media project, which turned Salnykov into an art ‘preacher’ figure, and also includes monumental easel portraiture. The exhibition displays the scope of Vladimir Salnikov’s talent at its largest, introducing the viewers to the world of his extensive artistic heritage. With their innovative spirit, unique style and special vibe, his works amaze by their variety and still keep their topicality in the world of today.


  • Künstler
    Vladimir Salnikov (1948 - 2015, Russian)
  • Herstellungsjahr
  • Zustand
  • Abmessungen
    H 55 in. x W 47 in. x D 2 in.H 139.7 cm x W 119.38 cm x D 5.08 cm
  • Galerie-Standort
    West Palm Beach, FL
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